Saturday, November 17, 2012


Here are some old photos that were collected and copied from people who lived in the Big Fork, Sulphur Springs and Caddo areas. I have included what was written on the back of each one. Click on each one to see the complete photo.

L to R:  Rob Hoyle, Freeman Edwards, Holder Edwards.  
Photo taken across road from Clyde Bates' house where 
Rachel Edwards & Annie Philpot lived.

Sitting on log L to R: Colonel Standridge, Lillie Spake, Will Hughes, 
Martha Spake, Wayne Beck, Ida Spake, & Granville Bowen.   
Back of log L to R:  Jess Putman, Jess Beck

L to R:  Wesley Hughes, Audie Curl, Lela Cox, & Agnes Sherman

L to R: Robert Lee Smith, son of William Roberts;  Dewey Smith, 
son of Alexander Chapman

Only name on the back is:  Ozeta Spake

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