Saturday, November 17, 2012


These photos were collected from people who lived in the Big Fork, Sulphur Springs, & Caddo areas.  No names were written on the back so I have no idea who they are.  Can anyone identify these people?  Click on each one to see the whole photo.

This one has been identified as the Jonathan Beck family.

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  1. Hi Billie! I love your blog. I have a lost Vandiver that I believe is related to your Rhoda Vandiver. He served in the Arkansas 3rd infantry regiment and died in the civil war. I am trying to determine who his parents are and DNA evidence keeps connected me to Enoch's family. I could not find a way to email you so I hope this message reaches you. I don't feel comfortable posting my email on a public forum, so let me know if you get this and we'll find a way to connect.