Saturday, November 17, 2012


These photos were collected from people who lived in the Big Fork, Sulphur Springs, & Caddo areas.  No names were written on the back so I have no idea who they are.  Can anyone identify these people?  Click on each one to see the whole photo.

This one has been identified as the Jonathan Beck family.


  1. Hi Billie! I love your blog. I have a lost Vandiver that I believe is related to your Rhoda Vandiver. He served in the Arkansas 3rd infantry regiment and died in the civil war. I am trying to determine who his parents are and DNA evidence keeps connected me to Enoch's family. I could not find a way to email you so I hope this message reaches you. I don't feel comfortable posting my email on a public forum, so let me know if you get this and we'll find a way to connect.


  2. The second photo is the John H Bowen family. Probable identification - from a long ago family reunion -
    Children on front l to r: Zora Edwards, Gippie Edwards, George Hopkins Edwards, Gilford Bowen, Granville Bowen, James Walls, Lillie Walls, Nora Walls
    Women seated: Rose Anna (Hutchison) Bowen, Lydia (Bowen) Edwards, Sarah (Hughes) Bowen, Lydia (Fountain) Bowen, Josie (Bowen) Walls, holding Abbie Walls
    Back row standing: John H. Bowen, William Marion Edwards, James Monroe Bowen, holding twins William and May, Tom Bowen, Franklin Freeman Edwards, Eveline Edwards
    Not sure who the lady on the porch is
    Abbie Walls was born 28 Dec. 1903. Tom & Lydia (Fountain) married 22 May 1904.

  3. FOURTH/LAST PHOTO -- Information provided by Shirley Manning/Polk County History: "DAVE SHIRLEY who helped organize the Little Hope church, and was the first minister. This photo is from a page in my book, Family Scrapbook, which is a 420 page book of old photographs from families in Montgomery County. It is a hardback book with a full color dust cover. You can see a copy at the Polk County Library, in the genealogy section, but it can't be checked out.