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Standridge, Bowen, and Stover Families

   The Standridges are said to have migrated from Virginia to North Carolina to South Carolina and to Georgia before a branch of them came to Arkansas.  The Bowens were in Maryland before migrating to Georgia.  The Stovers were in Virginia before following a similar path to Georgia.  All three of these families lived in the Habersham Co., Georgia area that later became White County in 1857.  Some of the Standridges also lived in Lumpkin Co., Georgia as did some Stovers.  Some Stovers were also in Gilmer Co.

   About 1855 the James Standridge family are said to have left Georgia and moved to the west end of Montgomery Co., Arkansas near Big Fork.  After the Civil War, Newton Standridge moved near his brother, James, in Montgomery Co.  Newton's third wife was Millicent Lucretia Goss Jeffrey, daughter of Elijah Benson Goss.  She was first married to John Jeffrey.
   James Standridge also had a daughter, Nancy Standridge who married John Rider.  They had a daughter, Dicey Rider who married Thomas Jefferson Bates, possibly about 1833 in Georgia.  He was a brother to Margaret (Abernathy), George V. and William Fleming Bates.  He and Dicey came with them to Big Fork in 1852. 
   Temperance Mary Ann Standridge, daughter of James Standridge, married Frances M. Bowen in 1853 in White Co., Georgia.   They had a daughter, Nancy Ann Elizabeth Bowen, that married Nathaniel Benson Goss, son of Elijah Benson Goss.   Later Nancy Ann's second husband was Abram Royal Bates, son of George V. Bates.  

   With Nancy Ann and her mother, Temperance, we can get into quite a family tangle.  Nancy Ann E. Bowen and Nathaniel B. Goss had a daughter, Elizabeth Lucretia Goss, who married Joshua Abernathy, son of James A. Abernathy and Mary P. Vandevier, daughter of Enoch Vandevier and Nancy Bates.   Another daughter of Nancy Ann Bowen and Nathaniel B. Goss was E. Frances Goss who married William N. Edwards, son of  Thomas Jefferson Edwards and Mary E. Bates, daughter of William Fleming Bates.   Are you confused yet?  It gets more complicated if we consider that in 1879, Elijah B. Goss' daughter, Martha E.Goss, married Phillip Abernathy.  Phillip was first married to Margaret Bates, sister of George V. Bates.  Martha Goss was Phillip's third wife.  She had been married first to Kimsey P. Standridge in 1855, who was a brother to Temperance M. A. Standridge Bowen.  Martha and Kimsey's children were James M. and Will Standridge.  Their son, James M. Standridge, married Minervah Abernathy in 1873; she was the daughter of Phillip and Margaret (Bates) Abernathy.  This means that Minervah's step-mother was also her mother-in-law and Phillip's step-son was his son-in-law.  Phillip and Martha had a daughter, Spicey Abernathy, who married Samuel Standridge, parents unknown to me.  

   Now back to Temperance M. A. Standridge Bowen:  after her husband, Frances M. Bowen, died, she married Abraham Walker, brother to Hortense Mansina Walker Bates, wife of George V. Bates.  Abraham Walker's daughter, Harriet, by his first wife, Mary, married Frank E. Standridge who was also a brother to Temperance Standridge Bowen Walker.  So this means that Harriet's step-mother, Temperance, was also her sister-in-law.  Abraham's son-in-law, Abram R. Bates, became his brother-in-law.   And Temperance M. A. Standridge Bowen Walker was not only Abram Royal Bates' mother-in-law, but she also became his aunt.   See what I mean by a family tangle?

   Elisha Sanders Stover married Elizabeth Sarah Ann Bowen, daughter of Isaac Bowen, in 1872 and moved to Arkansas sometime around 1874.   On the deed of what was my grandparents farm, about one mile north of Big Fork on County Road 67,  Elisha Stover bought some land, in 1880, from Melton A. and Sarah O'Barr.  In 1878 he bought another piece of land from Marion A. and Mary O'Barr.  The O'Barrs were related to the Goss family.  In 1885 Elisha sold to James Washington Dilbeck.   Then in 1886, Dilbeck sold to J.C. Standridge. 

Abram Royal Bates with 2nd wife: Nancy Ann Elizabeth Bowen



  1. I've just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading all of your entries. I descend from Mary Francis Standridge and John Riley Shed. Mary Francis' parents were Frank Eli Standridge and Harriett Walker, mentioned in this post. Mary Francis told my aunt (who now is in her 80s) that when she (M.F.) was in her early teens, her father went to town one day and never came back. He abandoned Harriett and her four children, and he started a new family, perhaps in Texas -- I've just begun checking.

    You also wrote about convoluted family connections, and I have an addition to make: Mary Francis and her sister Mina (aka Minnie) married brothers. John Riley Shed's brother James was Minnie's husband.

    If you are interested in the Standridge line, there is a family reunion in Oklahoma City in September. See the Standridge National Family History Society newsletter for details.

    1. Thankyou! My grandmother was Katherine Shed married to James Lark Whiteley. I would love to know more of our family. My email is phone 702-398-3360

    2. Bonnie, I just saw your reply to my comment. I will email you! Cheers.

  2. There were three Standridge brothers that moved from GA. First James, then Warren, then Isaac Newton Standridge, my g. father.
    I. N. was married to only one wife that I am aware of and had 11 children with Alice Elizabeth Tate Standridge. The oldest being John Flemming and the youngest being Eaphy Henry "Bill" Standridge which was my father.

    The three brothers parents were Samuel and Kaziah Standridge. I understand that Samuel married again after Kaziah and the boys started moving West with little further contact with father and step mother. The had a sister that stayed in GA.

    Alice Elizabeth Tate Standridge's parents were David Tate and Poly Ann Staton Tate. Help! Poly was half Cherokee and I am missing information on the Staton line. David was a Civil Ware Vet. and a Baptist Preacher.

    I think that there was another Isaac Standridge. There are some Bowens that live near Dover AR who are descendants of the Standridges. They come from the Rome GA area but there is no hard evidence of the connection that I know of with the three brothers that moved to the Mena area.

    Dennis Standridge, Clarksville, AR

  3. Paul D StandridgeJuly 1, 2014 at 11:13 PM

    Three brothers settled in Randolph tn, in the1830's Horace, Garner, and Big John Standridge my Great grandfather.

  4. I am a descendant of John Washington Dilbeck and Susannah Edwards. They were my paternal great grandparents. My grandmother was Dona Dilbeck (Boss Dilbeck was her older brother) and she married Rev John G Liles (Rev Jim Liles was his older brother). Their son was my father, Roland Liles.