Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Edwards Family

The Edwards family was from Cherokee County, Georgia. After the father, Charles Edwards, died in September 1865, his widow, Nancy Edwards, and some of her children moved to the Big Fork area.   These children included:
Thomas Jefferson Edwards and wife, Mary Ann Emma (Bates), daughter of William Fleming Bates and Mary (Whisenant) Bates that migrated to Big Fork in 1852.
James A. Edwards and wife, Clarissa (Messer) Edwards and children, including Susanne Savannah Edwards, 7 years old.       
Robert Simeon Edwards
Zachariah Gipson Edwards   (later married Rachel Tursa Bates, daughter of William Fleming    Bates in 1866 in Arkansas)
Rhoda Caroline Edwards  (later married Thomas Jefferson Bates, son of George V. Bates)
Nancy Jane Edwards

This branch of the Edwards family claimed that they were the first wagon train to come through Caddo Gap.  Thomas J. Edwards, son of Charles and Nancy Edwards, is said to have lead the wagon train.

                                Susanne Savannah Edwards 
        Born 1859 in Georgia
        Died October 3, 1943 at the home of her son, "Boss" Dilbeck
        Buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Big Fork
        It was told to me that she used to say that she wanted this old world to come
        to an end because after she was gone she didn't want much to happen.


  1. Billie,
    Thanks for these photos. As a decendent of many of these people, I appreciate and enjoy your blog!
    Bobbi Hooper Obal

  2. Hi Grandma Susanne

  3. Rhoda Caroline Edwards was my great grandmother. Yay. More names!

  4. I've been digging into the Heath family tree and came across Edwards along the way. I can share the line I have so far if you are interested, let me know.