Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Dilbeck Family

John Dilbeck, born about 1817 in North or South Carolina, married Eliza Selina Goss, daughter of Benjamin and Patsy Goss, on January 2, 1840   John and Selina moved to Big Fork with her Goss family in 1851.   John Dilbeck was the son of David Dilbeck, born in 1788 in south Carolina.  John's mother was Mary Hampton.  It's thought that David Dilbeck's father was John George Dilbeck, Sr.  Dilbecks are found in the census records of North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.   David Dilbeck migrated to northern Georgia to land that cornered what is now the Amicalola Falls State Park. 

John and Selina had four children when they moved to Big Fork in 1851.  They were:
Marion Asbury Dilbeck (later married Elizabeth Bates, daughter of William Fleming Bates)
Benson Greenberry Dilbeck
Malinda Dilbeck  (later married Daniel Fried, Jr. and had a son, Moses B. Fried of Big Fork)
Jackson Dilbeck  (later married Cynthia M. Cox)

After they settled near Big Fork, John and Selina had the following children:
John Ben Dilbeck ( married Margaret Huddleston and later married Margaret Pate)
James Washington Dilbeck  (married Susanne Savannah Edwards)
Selina Arminda Dilbeck  (married Hugh Fowler)

               The photo is of James Washington Dilbeck and Susanne Savannah Edwards
               They lived in the heart of Big Fork and had a store for years.   Behind their
                   house was a large, beautiful spring that served the community as a place to
                   get a cold drink on a hot day.    Eventually a concrete box was added to help
                   the water flow up and out and provide clean access.  

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