Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Group of Big Fork Inhabitants in the Old Days

Photo taken about 1906-1910 in Big Fork near Highway 8 East and Polk County Road 61.


  1. How old is this picture? What is the structure in the background?

  2. I think I can identify four people in the photo after comparing them with my old family photos.

    The older lady sitting down on the front row, second from the right, I believe to be Malinda E. (Goss) Bates, wife of John Calvin Bates.

    Sixth adult from the right, on the front row, I believe is Josephine (Burkhart) Bates, wife of George Benson Bates-son of "Calvin and Lindy" Bates. Notice several round white buttons or decorations on her dress. This looks like the same dress Josephine wore in another family photo. Next to her, fifth adult from the right, could be her daughter, Samantha Viola (Bates) Looney.

    Look to the left of Josephine on the same row, four people down. You'll see a blonde, young girl. Now straight up from her and you'll see a man in a black hat, black vest, holding the lapel of a lighter jacket with his left hand. I believe he is Hotridge Lithco Looney, husband of Samantha Viola (Bates) Looney.

  3. See the photo of Josephine (Burkhart) Bates and her dress at "George V. Bates Family--Early Settlers of Big Fork". Hotridge L. Looney and Samantha Viola (Bates) Looney are also in the photo along with Calvin and Lindy Bates and George V. Bates.