Sunday, March 28, 2010

Downtown Big Fork

This view is looking northwest at what used to be part of downtown Big Fork.   The house across the highway in the middle of the photo used to belong to Wash and Susanne Dilbeck.  They also had a store in this location.  Behind the house was a community spring where anyone could get a drink.  At this popular spring, a young man named Washington Himer Smith handed  the dipper to Sarah Jane Bates.   They got married later on and one of their daughters, Nancy Smith, married Aaron "Boss" Dilbeck, son of Wash and Susanne Dilbeck.   Also a little ways farther behind the house is the Big Fork Creek.

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  1. This is actually looking Northeast from a field owned at one time by Ed Little (his front porch is far left). I have ridden my horse down that lane MANY times. The building in the background is a church. Jerry Hamby