Thursday, January 20, 2011

James Abernathy and Mary P. Vandiver

These two photos are of James Alexander Abernathy and his wife, Mary (Vandevier or Vandiver) Abernathy.   Mary  was the daughter of Enoch Vandiver and Nancy Bates.  Mary was born in 1826 in Pickens County, South Carolina.  She married James Alexander
Abernathy, born 1821.  Mary died in 1897 and James died in 1905.  They're both buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery at Big Fork.   They had eleven children:
1. Sarah Ann  born 1847
2. Laura M. born 1850  married William J. Scott
3. Nancy Louisa born 1852  married Asbury Leonard
4. Margaret Lucretia  born 1854  married George Scott
     and second: Mr Darymore; and third "Doc" Long;
     and fourth, Marion F. Roberts; fifth Mr. Whitehead
5. Rufus Jefferson Abernathy  born 1856
6. Phillip Abernathy  born about 1858
7. Darius "Lit" Abernathy born 1860
8. Cyntha  born 1863
9. James Alexander Abernathy, Jr.  born 1865
10. Mary Parasina  born 1867
11. Joshua Abernathy  born 1870


  1. Billie
    James and Mary were my great great grandparents. Their son Rufus was my great grandfather. I have always wanted to see a picture of them, I did not know one existed.
    I would like to hear from you.

    Don Abernathy
    Fort Smith, AR

    1. Hi Don, I am the niece of Nora Ledbetter. I would love to know more about our Abernathy genealogy. I am the daughter of Laurine Abernathy. We have some of your letters to Nora.

  2. Thank you for posting all these pictures! Just curious ... the file name for the first photo on this page says Stephen C & Mary Bates. Just wanted to confirm that the man is James Alexander Abernathy and the woman is Mary P. Vandiver (various spellings). Thanks!

  3. Thanks for posting all these pictures! Just wanted to confirm something ... the file name for the first photo says Stephen C. & Mary Bates. But the photo shows James Alexander Abernathy and Mary P. Vandiver (various spellings), is that right? Thanks!

    1. Yes I made a mistake in naming this file. It should say "James A. Abernathy & Mary P. Vandiver.